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In 2017/18 Sarah Bonnell received £11,800 in literacy and numeracy catch-up premium.  We are expecting the same amount, adjusted for the size of the cohort, in 2018/19.  This will be paid to the school, via the local authority, in March 2018.

Each year, Sarah Bonnell uses the catch-up premium in order to provide intensive small group tuition - and associated services and materials -  in the form of our TG group.

The Transition Group (TG) at Sarah Bonnell School follows a Nurture Group model to improve students’ social and emotional wellbeing and academic progress. TG provides a focussed programme of literacy, numeracy and social/emotional aspects of learning offered by the Access and Inclusion Curriculum Area. Students benefit from additional 1:1 numeracy support where appropriate, according to individual needs.  Students in Year 7 spend seven hours a week working within TG, which enables them to develop their literacy and numeracy skills before rejoining some curriculum areas in Years 8 and 9.

This intensive work supports students in their transition from Primary School and throughout their time at Sarah Bonnell in KS3, through a flexible and inclusive programme which enables them to flourish alongside peers in mainstream lessons.

Students who are in TG access the mainstream English curriculum in a meaningful and personalised way, and as a result are able to develop transferrable written and oral communication skills which benefit them in all subject areas. By creating a safe and fulfilling environment, TG is able to champion students’ resilience and emotional literacy and because of this they are able to become more confident and articulate women. Students in TG access a range of alternative educational and enrichment opportunities which develop life skills, and applied numeracy, such as caring for others and preparing for work. A range of therapeutic approaches is also included in the offer for TG students and this is designed around the needs of those in each group, using a person-centred approach.