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The Transition Group (TG) is based on a nurture group model, introduced to ensure all students make a smooth transition from year 6 to 7 and onwards until year 9.  TG supports students through small-group teaching which incorporates literacy, numeracy, drama, art and emotional aspects of learning.

The TG curriculum aims to:

  • Create a safe and exciting environment for students which improves their self-esteem and social skills
  • Improve students’ literacy and numeracy skills by delivering the mainstream English and Maths curriculum in a way that is accessible and personalised
  • Develop students’ self-awareness through small-group drama, art and music
  • Prepare students for transition periods such as Y6/Y7 and Y9/Y10

Staff working in the Transition Group receive specialist training to support students, and value the importance of building strong relationships with parents and carers to ensure a continuity of skills at home.