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Importance of Attending school

Regular school attendance is crucial to a student’s performance.  It is essential that the school does all it can to maximise attendance rates; this is a key task for all staff. Sarah Bonnell’s commitment is to do all that we can to maintain attendance figures of 100%. 

Our fundamental aim is to raise the profile of attendance ensuring all individuals are convinced that attendance can and will improve.  In addition, a strong partnership must be built between the parents, students and the school.  Staff have a responsibility to re-enforce our 100% expectation to parents and students. 

The Education (School Attendance Targets) (England) Regulations 2005 came into force on the 14th February 2005 and the Amendment to the Regulations was made in 2013. The main focus of these regulations is to reduce the number of total absences and raise the attendance of all students on the school roll.  Under these new regulations, it is now the duty of the Governing Body to set attendance targets. This is done in consultation with the Headteacher, Local Authority and Department for Education and takes into account the previous year’s attendance statistics. 

Working Together 

It is essential that Students, parents/carers and school staff work together effectively to make any positive change. 
Referrals can be made both internally and to external agencies to address any issues that may be affecting a student’s attendance, e.g. Newham Attendance Service, the school’s Counselling Service, Child and Family Consultation Service (CFCS), Newham Asian Women’s Project (NAWP), and Newham Young Carers Project etc.

If your child is absent please follow the guidance in the Attendance Policy below.

Absence Line

We have a dedicated absence line where parents can leave messages regarding their daughter’s absence. Parents should call the school number (020 8534 6791) and select option 1 to leave a message with their daughter’s full name, tutor group and detailed reason for absence (reasons such as “sick” or “unwell” are not considered a detailed reason, parents should state the exact nature of the illness, such as tonsillitis, chicken pox, asthma attack etc.).