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teaching staff 

  • Farida Yasmin - Curriculum Leader
  • Ruzina Begum
  • Uroosa Khan
  • Shama Khanam
  • Kaydee Neale-Kenwright
  • Robina Begum

support staff

  • Esther Vernon

Curriculum Aims

RE provides engaging, and developmental teaching and learning opportunities in which each student is encouraged to challenge and explore their individual knowledge, skills and understanding through a variety of activities which support the student voice. RE explores different religious perspectives and philosophies, which gives pupils the practice in ‘skills for life’ such as empathy, thinking and communicating well. This enables pupils to understand the contemporary world and society with values of tolerance and acceptance of diversity, focusing on developing positive relationships with fellow citizens in the wider community.

The RE Curriculum Area is well-established and very successful, with 2018 GCSE results exceeding the national average for girls, at 85.53% Grades 9-4. All students study Religious Education at KS3. There is only a minimal difference of 4.9% between last year’s results to this year. This suggests students are still being challenged, aligned with the new GCSE specification.

Year 7

Year 7 curriculum includes:

  • Expressions of Faith: Worship, Symbols, Origins
  • Beliefs & teachings about meaning 8 purpose: Identity, Faith, God
  • 6 major world religions – TEEP planning, research, prep & presentation
  • Ethics & values