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teaching staff

  • Paula Delaney - Humanities Curriculum Leader
  • Therese Berger
  • Tahera Ali
  • James O'Donnell

Curriculum Aims

In History at Sarah Bonnell we value the contributions of all peoples and cultures in shaping our present world. We wish to instil this in our students to learn from the past and prepare for the future through being independent, broad-minded thinkers and responsible global citizen. We also hope to be able to add value and celebrate differences.

Curriculum Content

We aim for our students will understand their place in British History and feel a sense of belonging and identity. 

We hope they leave their history lessons being able to enjoy lessons through active engagement and curiosity.

Students should leave history as independent critical thinkers and they should understand the relevance of the past and that the past and present interact.


GCSE Results:

The History area is well-established at both KS3 and 4. Last year’s GCSE results continue to improve at 73% A*-C and 36% A*-A which is 20% higher than national average for girls. All students at Key Stage 3 study History and it is an increasingly popular subject at GCSE which reflects our students’ interests.


Key stage 3

We teach an enquiry based learning where each topic will have a question in which students will work towards. Enquiries cover a mixture of breadth (e.g. exploring a range of issues) and depth (e.g. focusing on answering the enquiry questions) as well as local history. A range of core concepts are developed throughout KS3 that lead into KS4 such as cause and consequences, change and continuity. All of our topics have enquiry questions based on the new GCSE from 2016.


In Year 7

Our topics include:

  • History of Sarah Bonnell
  • Harold’s death
  • Life In Medieval England,
  • Islamic Civilisations

In Year 8

Our topics include:

  • Black British History
  • Causes of the reformation
  • Elizabeth I
  • The British in India
  • Match stick girls strike
  • Women in the 1600s and 1900s

In Year 9

Our topics include:

  • Arawaks and Spaniards
  • Columbus the invader or discoverer
  • How far was Benin in 1450 civilised
  • Different experiences of slaves
  • How the civil rights movement changed the lives of African Americans
  • WWI the Great War?
  • Noor Inayat Khan
  • The Holocaust
  • The USA
  • The atomic bomb


Key stage 4

We use Edexcel Specification A (the new specification for Year 10 and the legacy specification for Year 11). This is a natural progression from KS3.

Year 10

  • Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939
  • Superpower relations 1941-1991


Year 11

  • Civil Rights and protest in the USA 1951-79
  • British Society c1951-1979


Sept 2016 onwards:

Year 10

  • Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939
  • Superpower relations 1941-1991

Year 11

  • Crime and Punishment through time c.1000-present with a focus on Whitechapel
  • Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588


Exam Boards & Links for syllabus:

2015-2017 Edexcel History GCSE A (2009)

2016-2018 onwards:



Pearson Edexcel History GCSE revision guide

Practice exam papers: