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Head Girl's Welcome

My journey at Sarah Bonnell has been one filled with opportunity, success and inspiration from a thriving community. Being Head Girl at Sarah Bonnell has been an utmost goal of mine since Year 7, and I'm extremely proud of my accomplishments from then until now. 

Our school community is one where no aspect of school life is the same; we embrace our differences and this is what has moulded Sarah Bonnell into such a cohesive environment. Every student here is given the opportunity to truly excel in their subjects and unique talents, and we are constantly encouraged to showcase our skills and be commended for our efforts. 

Students in our school also have an active participation in taking the lead within lessons, ensuring that the most is being brought our of our lessons. The dominant presence of student leaderships, such as the Prefect Team and the Key Stage Three Ambassadors, play a major role in crafting our young women into independent, prominent figures of the 21st century.

Sarah Bonnell, in a nutshell, is a diverse and thriving hub of strong young women driven to succeed, and will continue to carry this legacy on for years ahead. 

Hannah Dale, Head Girl