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teaching staff

  • Devon Vitalis - Curriculum Leader
  • Khadijah Khan
  • Katie Metcalfe

Curriculum Aims

The Geography Curriculum Area at Sarah Bonnell School is a vibrant and active learning community. We believe Geography to be an exciting and dynamic subject that affects us all in this rapidly changing world. Our aim is to strive to ensure every student is given every opportunity to realise their potential.

The Geography Curriculum Area is very well resourced, with excellent ICT access (including iPads, a computer suite and laptops) for all students.

GCSE Results:

The Geography area is well-established and very successful, with last year’s GCSE results continuing to significantly exceed national averages at 80% A*-C and 31% A*-A. All students at Key Stage 3 study Geography and it is a very popular option for GCSE, a KS4 cohort of more than 220 students. 

Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3, Geography at Sarah Bonnell covers all aspects of the National Curriculum and explores links between the physical and human world in which we live. The team works hard to ensure lessons are engaging, challenging current and relevant to the girls. We aim to promote curious and inspired minds. As part of being an independent learner, the team encourages the students to get involved in project work and use the ICT resources available to access the departmental website and MLE page.

There is a strong focus on fully preparing the girls for GCSEs at Key Stage 3, by introducing GCSE topics, GCSE style exam questions and GCSE assessments.

In Year 7

Our topics include:

  • An Introduction to Geographical Skills
  • Extreme Environments
  • A tour of the UK
  • Tectonic Hazards

In Year 8

Our topics include 3 continent studies:

  • Africa
  • South America
  • Asia

In Year 9

In light of new curriculum changes to GCSE’s, we are now studying the new AQA GCSE specification. Topics include:

  • Urban Challenges
  • Coastal Landscapes
  • Natural Hazards

Key stage 4

In Year 10, the Geography Curriculum Area uses the new AQA GCSE specification, which includes two elements of fieldwork, and topics such as the Living World, Economic World and Urban Challenges. 

In Year 11, the Geography Curriculum Area uses Edexcel Specification A. The units taught build on existing Key Stage 3 learning whilst also introducing new geographical knowledge, understanding and skills. The topics studied are River Landscapes; Coastal Landscapes; Population; Tourism; Tectonics; Wasteful World; Economic Change; Settlement Change; Challenges to the Planet; Skills and a Controlled Assessment.

Exam Boards & Links for syllabus:

Year 9, 10 & 11 – AQA (new 2016 specification):


Geography at Sarah Bonnell Pearltrees Website:

AQA text books: