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teaching staff 

  • Joanne Bowen - Curriculum Leader 
  • Annika Robinson - KS4 Co-ordinator
  • Parveen Islam - Technology Teacher
  • Shamima Koli - Product Design
  • Katie Allso - Food Technology
  • Carla Bruno - Food Technology

support staff 

  • Esther Purnell

Curriculum Aims

At Sarah Bonnell, the aim of Design technology is to prepare students for the rapidly advancing technological world. We aim to provide all students the opportunity to be empowered through creative problem solving. Independence and taking ownership of own learning is at the heart of the subject and embedded in projects through activities inside and outside of the classroom. Innovative projects are being designed to provide experiences for inquisitive individuals to explore different material areas.

Our friendly department strives to ensure that all students value the school ethos of;

                            ‘Be proud. Aim high. Work hard. Be nice. No excuses’


Year 8​​​​​​​

Textiles (CAD/ CAM Zip Bag Project)

Students develop their research skills by choosing a country to be the theme for their zip bag project.  From this they must guide their own learning about the culture, styles and designers from that country and find inspiration for their hand drawn designs. Students then augment these designs using Photoshop to turn their initial sketches into repeat patterns in colour. This design is then sublimation printed onto fabric which is then constructed into a zip bag. Alongside the practical application of software skills is the theory of production techniques and systems covering CAD/CAM in design and manufacturing principles. Students develop their previous learning of technical textiles through the study of modern and smart materials.

Product Design (Packaged Compact Mirror)

The year 8 compact mirror project is an exciting cross-curricular project based on students’ independent research into different cultures, art and design. In the first week students are set a task to conduct intense research into various continents which then develops into an inspiration board from which design ideas are taken. This design is then augmented on design software, sublimation printed and heat pressed onto acrylic, giving students practical knowledge of processes appropriate to different materials. The final outcome is then packaged using the student's’ own designs, which they create using accurate measuring skills and knowledge of paper and boards.  The project focuses on building research skills and the theory aims to develop subject knowledge in new and emerging technologies and their impact on enterprise and industrial practices.

Food (Healthy eating and food from around the world)

Students continue to be introduced to new flavours and dishes from other cultures to experiment with. They will be introduced to more theory based lessons on processing and where our food comes from. Students are introduced to food science experiments and continue to learn about new cultures and their dishes to explore and experiment with practical skills ready for KS4. Examples of the types of foods students will be looking at and producing are: Thai and Italian with an opportunity for students to make their own pasta from scratch.