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The school ran a new, unique and exciting event on Friday 8th July, 2016 called ‘Vitality Day'.

This is where students attended a normal school day but each curriculum area has pre-planned lessons surrounding how to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. Students lessons on this day were be based around them increasing their activity/exercise levels, eating more healthy foods, reducing their stress/anxiety levels (particularly around exam seasons), educating them on the dangers of alcohol/smoking/drugs and the importance/benefits of having a good sleep pattern.

As a school, we have decided to tackle the issue head on in an attempt to improve the well-being of our students at Sarah Bonnell. Over the past couple of years, there have been many alarming statistics warning us of the demise of teenage health. There have been many reports surrounding teenagers eating too much sugar/salt, obesity rising to levels that the NHS are struggling to cope with, that stress levels are at an all-time high due to exam pressures and that they are leading a sedentary lifestyle which is leading to health implications.

In many cases, quick and basic alterations to their lifestyle can result in huge benefits to their health. We intend to increase the students awareness around these issues so that they can make more educated and positive decisions in their every-day lives.

At break and lunch time there were a number of stalls/events for the students to participate in. This was to help them to enrich and embed their learning from the day also. Some examples:

  • ACTIVITY ZONE: Inflatable high slides, bungee run and assault course
  • ACTIVITY ZONE: Gladiator dual
  • ACTIVITY ZONE: Active Newham – information on local activities on offer for cheap/free
  • ACTIVITY ZONE: Basketball/Netball shooting zone
  • RELAXATION ZONE: Colouring corner
  • RELAXATION ZONE: Arts and crafts
  • RELAXATION ZONE: Hand massage
  • RELAXATION ZONE: Reading on the green
  • HEALTH ZONE: Healthy foods
  • HEALTH ZONE: Health checks
  • PLEDGE ZONE: Change4Life tickets – this is where students will be asked to swap something unhealthy in their life for something healthy. Detailed and unique responses will earn them extra time on the inflatables

To encourage students to be more active at school, the PE department will now be lending sports equipment out to students for ‘Active Play.’ This will be fully supervised by staff/sports leaders and will hopefully encourage students to play positive games at break and lunch times.