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Sarah Bonnell hosted its first Spoken Word event on Wednesday 15th June.

12 students took part in the event, reading their creative writing and poetry to an audience for the first time. The students’ voices radiated with enthusiasm and passion while remaining composed and articulate. This creativity and originality came from several weeks of dedication, redrafting their writing as successful writers should. Students across all age groups were involved, and each student brought their own originality and style to the event.

We were lucky to be joined by Liam Mac An Phearsuin and Sam Dodd, both poets and hosts for spoken word events in East London. Sam also works for English Pen, allowing the students to take part in interesting and relevant debates upon societal issues such as freedom of expression in writing and the immoral censorship that some writers suffer from. Teachers were also involved; Mr Walsh and Mr Hamman integrated their pieces.

The audience, teachers and fellow students all commented on the political awareness and poetic flair of the students and the supportive and respectful aura inside the venue. Many students have been inspired from the performances and we look forward to hosting more spoken word events in the future.

Thank you to everyone who was involved.      

Please see Our Gallery ( in News & Events - Sarah Bonnell Termly News) for more pictures on the event!