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London Watersports Centre 

Students travelled to the London Watersports Centre. 

On the Friday 10th June Ms Morgan and Ms Rowland took students to the London Watersports Centre to take part in a Water sports Festival. From the moment that we got there the sun was shining and the whole day was filled with fun and exciting activities for us all to take part in.

The activities included canoeing and an indoor rowing competition against other schools. Well done to both Batili and Beverly for winning their races! Throughout the day students overcame their fears of water, were able to work together as a team and learnt many new skills on and off the water.

Overall, we had a fantastic day and all students came away with big smiles on their faces with the desire to take part in more watersports activities.

Beverly said, "It was really fun, I learnt new skills and if I had the chance I would go again!"

Zubeida commented, "I enjoyed the experience, learnt a lot and would do it again!"