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Outward Bound, Ullswater

94 year 9 and 10 students embarked on an adventure and challenge trip to Ullswater.  

Students and teachers took part in a week-long visit that involved testing the students’ resilience, teamwork and pushing them to their limits.  Activities such as expeditions, camping, raft building, gorge walking and hill walking provided students with challenges and new experiences.  

"My first experience at Outward Bound was in Year 7 and I had enjoyed myself there so much, that when we were given the opportunity to visit Outward Bound, Ullswater in Year 9, I had to go. Our first day we did an activity called ‘Jog and Dip’, where we would run around the centre and then walk into the lake. Surprisingly, we felt warm when we were in the lake and a few of us actually put our whole bodies in including our faces! On our second day, we went on our expedition trip, where we camped on a mountain and ate and slept there, away from the Outward Bound Centre. We overcame our comfort zones and fears in this task and we worked as a group to motivate each other to get through this challenging (and cold) experience. We also did many other activities such as: Gorge Walking. When we climbed a gorge (small waterfall) and worked as a group to get to the top. On the last day, we did the ‘Leap of Faith’, where we climbed a tall pole and jumped off (wearing a harness) and held onto a bar in mid-air. We all tried our best and came out of our comfort zones to climb up. Overall, the experience was amazing and gives you the ability to boost the skills for the future like: confidence, teamwork, resilience and hard work. For any students in the future who are given this opportunity, you should take it and see it as building skills for the future." Sian Mulvaney-Saibu, Year 9

"We all met outside school at 6am with our suitcases and bags beside us, ready for the long journey ahead. The sense of excitement filled the atmosphere. We all settled down in the coaches and waited eagerly to reach our destination. When I finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to get off the coach and find my dorm. Once we had all our bags with us, we were shown to our dorms and teams for the rest of the week. After we had all settled down, it was time to begin the first activity. The first activity we did was the jog and dip and in this task I had to jog around the area and then walk into a lake as far as I could go. The whole team was shivering but we still enjoyed ourselves. On the second day we went to the gorge walking, which was my favourite activity. In this activity we had to climb a waterfall by helping each other up. This was so much fun and the view was beautiful! The next activity was the hardest; hiking and camping were the activities that everybody found challenging. We walked for hours up and down mountains with bags that were as big and as heavy as us. When we finally arrived at the campsite, we were exhausted. We set up our tents, ate, played a few games in the dark and then went to sleep. The next day we walked back down the mountains and got on a steamer boat and then got onto another boat and rowed ourselves back to the house. On the last day, we went to a forest and did some self-reflection. We then got our bags and prepared for the long journey that lay ahead. Overall, the trip was amazing and something completely new to me. I would definitely recommend going to Outward Bound to anyone." Alina Nazeer, Year 9

"At Outward Bound we were faced many different challenges individually as well as a team. One of the hardest challenges that we faced was working together. In the beginning of the week, whatever we did we ended up arguing about it. However, as the week went on and got to know each other, we were able to learn about each other’s fears, struggles, dislikes and flaws. By knowing these things about each other, it helped us to work together and achieve our goals. As well as challenges we faced as a team, I personally managed to challenge myself physically. At the start of Outward Bound, I didn’t know what fears I had and as we went through I didn’t know what goals to set for myself, but the instructors were able to help me. I realised that whatever we do, we should always think about how we can achieve it and what we can learn from our experiences." Hajor El-Deen, Year 9

"The Outward Bound residential was an experience in which many of us had not been exposed to in our school years. By the end of the course we has an experience that the whole cohort thoroughly enjoyed and were eager to participate in again at a later stage. It would be an overstatement to say that the course was easy; at every opportunity we were stretched, challenged and put well out of our reach of our comfort zones. At many times, we were at a point where we believed giving up was the only option in order to complete the tasks put in front of us, however, perseverance and determination were instilled within us – both by our peers and our wonderful instructors. I believe it has taught us all to set ourselves extensive goals and become effective teal players and leaders to achieve such goals." Hannah Dale, Year 9