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Headteacher's Weekly Message: 15th March 2019

Sarah Bonnell was full STEAM ahead this week 

Following on from the work we did last week to promote #BalanceforBetter as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations, this week we celebrated STEAM weak. Ms Adel, Curriculum Leader Business and Computing and Associate Senior Leader, coordinated a great programme of events to ensure Sarah Bonnell students were inspired to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  On Tuesday Sarah Bonnell students competed against students from Lister in the Faraday Challenge Day.  On Friday Ms Davies, Curriculum Leader for Art, Design and Technology, showcased the links between science and art by creating a giant model of a Camera Obscura to explain the science behind the first cameras. 

 We also celebrated Pi Day on Thursday ( 3rd month, 14th Day being the first digits in Pi 3.14…) with some students and staff challenging themselves to recite up to 100 digits after the decimal point of this irrational number without looking! Students also made Pi bracelets using beads with numbers of them and took part in other activities linked to Pi. Huge thanks to the Maths team, led by Ms Boughton, for generating such a buzz in the Maths hall and for Mr Rahman for putting Pi on the floor of the Piazza. Aim High

Sarah Bonnell Governors Conference

On Saturday 9 March – governors came together to plan for next year. Sarah Bonnell is lucky to have a skilful, knowledgeable and supportive governing body who are willing to share both their expertise and time to support what we are doing to make Sarah Bonnell an ‘Outstanding’ school. Work Hard

Sarah Bonnell Students Receive Silver Arts Award Accreditation

After a lot of hard work and dedication, the following girls have successfully achieved their Silver Arts Award accreditation: Fahmida Akter Rahman, Yasmena Begum, Zehna Bodhee, Sharmin Chowdhury, Nehla Gazeeb, Jasrah Hannan, Rumaysaa Mannan, Gabija Narbutyte, Jemma Nguyen and Mariam Sharaf. The external moderator who the students met was very impressed with their sculptures and sketchbooks. The students work is now proudly displayed in the Art area. Be Proud

Sarah Bonnell go to the famous Globe Theatre

On Tuesday Ms Griffiths, Curriculum Leader for Drama, provided a great opportunity for students to attend a theatre production at The Globe. The visit gave the students a real insight into the theatre and its history as well as giving them a great chance to see the Southbank of the Thames in some very windy conditions.

Sarah Bonnell Staff show their commitment

I am always blown away by the commitment of staff at Sarah Bonnell – each week my message is packed with details of extra-curricular opportunities that provide students here with a diverse range of experiences that help them develop their understanding of the world and the confidence to make a meaningful contribution to it. Well done Team SBS!  Be Proud

Rae Potter - Headteacher

Sarah Bonnell School