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Medicine Trip at Kings College London

Year 11 students visit Kings College London and get a taste of med school

Medicine is one of the world’s best regarded profession and we had the opportunity to see exactly why! On Wednesday the 14th of January, a group of selective year 11 students travelled to King’s College London to work alongside medical students and practise some basic medical procedures. This included gaining a patient’s blood pressure, practising surgical stitches and obtaining blood tests (from mannequins of course.)

We are all, I’m sure, familiar with the amusing walk and slurred speech of a drunk person, but the task in which we wore mirrored goggles that imitated the vision of a drunk person, was a real eye opener on the effects of alcohol. Whilst wearing the goggles, we were instructed to walk in a straight line, walk around a set of cones and catch a ball all of which most of us were unable to do. Whilst it was extremely humorous to watch our peers fall all over the place, the experience made us realise that alcohol can majorly disrupt the nervous system to the extent that a straight line looks anything but. As a result, we were able to understand how dangerous consuming large amounts of alcohol can be, not only for your health but for the people around you.

One of the many activities we were able to do was taking blood out from a prosthetic arm. We learnt how to assemble an injection safely and appropriately. Aligning the injection with the vein in the arm was very tricky; the vein is very thin so we had to carefully position the injection, to make sure we were taking out a sufficient amount of blood from the arm. It was enjoyable yet tricky!

Our trip to King’s College was amazing! Experiencing the components of a doctor/ nurse’s life, really gave us an insight of the lives of a medical student. It made us really think if the medical sector was the right career path and for most of us, this trip really determined our mind set of studying medicine. It was an enticing and brilliant trip, and one that will never be forgotten.

By Moobina Begum and Faiza Hossain