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Headteacher's Weekly Message: 16th March 2018

It has been another busy week at Sarah Bonnell with students taking advantage of the great opportunities on offer in and out of lessons. This gives you a glimpse of what has been going on but you can also keep up to date by following the school on twitter.

Full STEAM ahead at Sarah Bonnell

A ‘Girls’ Attitudes’ survey conducted by the Girl Guides Association in 2017 revealed that, despite many advances in gender equality over the last 100 years, 30% of girls still think that Computing is a ‘boys subject’. At Sarah Bonnell we take great pride in encouraging all our students to Aim High and develop their knowledge and understanding of all subjects and STEAM week helps us promote an interest and enjoyment in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. This week the STEAM team has organised some fantastic lunchtime workshops: Art had an amazing time looking at photography and light. Science had fun with balloons and eating nails. Maths celebrated Pi day with some bracelet making and a Pi hunt around the school. Computing competed in the annual engineering project by FARADAY and Technology ran a workshop on iPhone hologram making. Here’s to SB students becoming the engineers, scientists and coders of the future

Pi Day – getting down to the numbers with pie and Pi

On Wednesday 14 March, the Maths Department enjoyed ‘Pi Day’. A host of activities had the girls captivated and got them even more connected to the mathematical symbol π. For example the students were given the challenge of memorising the value of Pi - an on-going chain of unrepeated numbers. One student was able to recall 84 numbers - very impressive! Students also made Pi bracelets and went on a Pi Hunt to win prizes. All those involved wore the button badge with the Greek letter of π on it with pride and enjoyed eating some of the cherry pies on offer!

Sarah Bonnell linguists are World Champions

Year 11 GCSE French, Spanish and Italian students took part in the Vocab Express Global Challenge this week competing with other schools across the world to learn new words in the language. Sarah Bonnell School ranked 5th in the world overall and Diana and Manisha ranked in the top 10 students in the world. Well done team SB!

Theatre company get Sarah Bonnell talking French

This week Emilie Perraudeau from The Art FabriC French Theatre Company came to visit us and worked with 36 year 11 French students. The two hour workshop was taught entirely in French and by the end students performed an improvised play in groups in French.  Naleefa Unais said “I really enjoyed the workshop and I was able to understand everything Emilie was saying even though she spoke in French the whole time. It helped me to realise that you don’t need to speak the language fluently to be able to communicate with people who speak a different language to you. We learnt lots of new vocabulary and it has helped me feel more confident about my speaking GCSE exam”

Coaching the coaches 

Staff at Sarah Bonnell are just as keen to learn new things as the students. This week 21 staff joined Mary Phillips , a brilliant professional coach who has worked with staff at the school for several years, for the first session in a series of workshops to train staff how to coach others to develop.

 Rae Potter – Headteacher