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Portobello Road Visit

For Extended Learning Day, 18 Year 10 Spanish students went to a Spanish school on Portobello Road in West London.

When we arrived, we were greeted by one of the form tutors who was from Barcelona. We watched a short clip of the school in the library (la biblioteca), where some information was given in Spanish and some in English. After watching this and a video about Spain, some of the students gave us a tour of the school, speaking in Spanish. We then went into the canteen where we were all served churros with chocolate, which is traditional in Spain – it was delicious! Afterwards we returned to the library where we spoke to some students from a different class, asking them questions in Spanish and English, and answering Spanish questions ourselves. This was a good activity as we got to know more of the students, as we spoke individually. It also helped us practice our Spanish speaking skills. We spoke to the students for over half an hour, and next we went to 2 different lessons. Half of our group went to take part in Physical education, whilst the other half went to a History lesson – both taught completely in Spanish. I went to the History lesson which was very interactive, as the teacher always communicated with the students and made the lesson interesting. We finally ended the day by eating lunch with the students in the canteen, we had pasta (macarrones) or Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas) and salad to eat, and a vast range of fruits too. It was a brilliant day - ¡Lo pasamos bomba!

Esha Wadhwani Year 10