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Year 7 Students Visit Stubbers

Year 7 students were given a chance to go to an activity centre called Stubbers in Essex. Most students and even some teachers were given a chance to do something new.

On Tuesday the 2nd of October all year 7 seven students were in the assembly hall at 7:45 to take their class register. After that was done the teachers reminded us of some of the rules before we went. Then we were ready for an hour and a half journey.

When everybody was lined up in register order, 7L and 7E left the hall to board their coach. Then I went with 7B and 7N. 7H went with 7R and 7A went with 7S. Finally everybody was on board their coaches and we were ready to go.

Once we were at Stubbers we were put into groups, I was in group 15 with some of my friends. Our first activity was abseiling which was very unfortunate for some people. First we had to put on a helmet and then off we went to climb our tower. The instructor showed us how to attach to the rope. I was unfortunately first but somehow I enjoyed it and I even did it for a second time.

After about an hour we went off on our second activity which was team games. Our first challenge was to be able to get a seesaw to stay still for 20 seconds. We accomplished our task. After that ten of us girls had to fit inside 4 tyres. We then had to move about inside the tyres without touching the ground. At the very end of that, we had to climb up the top of the tyres. We also had to get on the other side of a spider web without touching it. Another challenge was to be able to get from one island to another without touching the ground. We finally completed the tasks, after we were in a linked circle and had to twist around without getting separated.

Once lunch was over we did our final activity, orienteering. We had to get into groups of 4. I was with my friends and we were called ISAM. Our activity was about reading maps and finding our way around.

The day was really good and we were all challenged by the activities.

Amina Mohumed 7B