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Headteacher's Weekly Message: 6th October 2017

Black History Month

There are a range of different events and activities taking place to mark Black History Month. The Piazza has been decorated with traditional African cloth, girls have been leading assemblies and there has been a digital display in the Piazza sharing student testimonies about why we have a dedicated month to focus on Black History. Hamida Razali (Year 8) gives a really compelling and powerful reason:

In my opinion, Black History is the memories of all the people that have suffered due to racism. We celebrate Black History to remember not only people that suffered, but people of all races that stood up for equal rights for everyone. We are the ones who can stop racism once and for all. One way we can do that is remember the past and learn from it. That way, we can create the future’.

Girls Network – empowering the next generation of women

Our partnership with The Girls' Network continues for a fourth year and this year the mentor matching session took place between Year 10 students and mentors form the Financial Conduct Authority on Monday in our wonderful Learning Hub. The Girls’ Network works with young women across the UK and aims to inspire and empower girls by matching them with an individual, professional female mentor who will be dedicated to supporting girls in reaching their potential to achieve aspirational grades and ambitious futures. The programme provides a variety of networking and work experience opportunities through a community of professional women from different backgrounds who work within a range of professional roles, so their experience and connections will be varied. It is an exciting programme for the students and I look forward to watching them grow and develop over the course of the academic year.

Sarah Bonnell girls inspire the next generation of Drama teachers

University College London Institute of Education visited Sarah Bonnell Drama Department on Tuesday to deliver a Shakespeare workshop with Year 9 Drama students. 80 English/Drama trainee teachers came along to work with two large groups of Year 9s, an experience which is of huge value to PGCE students in the early stages of their training.

The feedback from our visitors at LoE was glowing, Jane Coles said:

‘The Year 9 pupils were delightful – sharply attentive and willing to join in: a real credit to their teachers and to the school'.

This year we were all impressed by the confident way that they spoke the text. Several of the pupils made a point of coming over at the end of the workshop to thanks us.  Overall the morning was a very positive experience for the student teachers who are just about to begin their first placement schools.  As one of them remarked at the end of the first workshop:

‘I’m much less anxious about visiting my school for the first time tomorrow’.

Rae Potter – Headteacher