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Headteacher's Weekly Message: 22nd September 2017

Sarah Bonnell is busy recruiting for September 2018. On Thursday 21 September we held the first Open Morning for those interested in getting a secondary school place for their daughter in Year 7 in September 2018. The Open Mornings are a chance to tour the school, visit lessons and see a normal school day. Feedback from visitors was really positive with one parent saying ‘this is definitely the school I want for my daughter’. The Senior Prefect Team helped with the tours by welcoming visitors and answering questions about the school. There are more opportunities for prospective parents and children to visit the school – see the website for more details.

Why choose a girls school?

At the Open Morning a parent asked me what makes a girls school a better choice for his daughter than a mixed school. I explained that girls can thrive in either type of school but research, and my experience, shows that girls only schools can benefit girls in many ways. For example statistics have shown that on average girls perform better at GCSE and research shows that girls are more likely to study subjects that they enjoy and are good at rather than allowing gender stereotypes to influence their choice of subject. I also believe that girls’ only schools specialise in understanding the ways girls develop emotionally, physically and academically and that this helps us to foster higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence and give access to greater opportunities to develop effective leadership skills and qualities.


Rae Potter – Headteacher