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Response to Events in Manchester and London

Dear Parent / Carer,

Following the recent events in London and Manchester, this letter is to let you know how we have responded in school and to share guidance on how you might want to deal with the issues at home.

Before half-term we talked to each year group to reinforce the message that all forms of extremism and hatred are wrong and that no faith or religion believes in violence or hurt. We also reminded the girls about how to stay safe when travelling to and from school and when in public spaces.

Sometimes the news young people get, from social media sites or from the newspaper, radio and television, can lead to misunderstanding. This week I have spoken to staff to request that they talk about the issues with the girls and remind them of the importance of keeping safe and valuing cultural diversity. I have also asked staff to be vigilant in looking out for students who are distressed by the issues or show any changes of behaviour.

I am sure you have been talking about the recent events at home too. I have put on the school website some useful links that give guidance on how to talk about these issues with your daughter. I hope you find these useful and would be interested to hear any ideas you might have about how the school can support families with these matters.

Later this term we have planned other opportunities to further develop the girls understanding of how to keep safe and the risks of all forms of extremism and radicalisation. This will include assemblies for each year group and a ‘Be Proud Day – one community, many voices’ to celebrate community cohesion, cultural diversity and join together against all forms of extremism. You may also find the following links useful:

I would ask for your help with another matter linked to safety. A number of parents/ carers are dropping their daughters to school by stopping and / or parking outside the school gates in Water Lane. Some parents/carers are also doing quick u-turns after their daughter has got out of the car. This is making it difficult for girls to judge the flow of traffic and cross Water Lane safely. Do not park/ stop on or near the zigzag markings outside the school gates.

Yours sincerely,

Rae Potter