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Goal Launch Programme at the Copper Box

16 GCSE PE students went to the Copper Box in the Olympic Park for a day of sporting activities mixed with Careers advice. On arrival, all students were given a free T-Shirt and were briefed about the main events during the day. As we were waiting for other schools to arrive, the event organiser informed the students that whoever asked the most interesting question to the guest speakers would receive a celebratory visit to Standard Chartered Bank in the Spring. The students immediately set their minds to the task and were quickly consulting SIRI on their phones for unique suggestions! As a class, we came up with possible questions that would be classified as ‘predictable’ and ones that would set Sarah Bonnell out from the crowd. The day started at around 10am with three of the top female footballers (from Liverpool FC) completing a Q and A session with the students from all schools. Nora Awale (an avid Liverpool supporter) kicked off the proceedings by asking the footballers what they thought of the enigma that is Luis Suarez. After a few giggles, the ladies began to respond and the Q & A session was then in full swing, with students from other schools feeling comfortable enough to also question the Liverpool players.

We then moved into a time whereby students were physically active. The warm up consisted of students jogging around the Copper Box making decisions as to what items were ‘necessities’ and what items were ‘luxuries.’ Our students were very philosophical with the majority of items (e.g. TV, food, homework etc.) but were somewhat indecisive when it came to their mobile phone being mentioned. They then began to start a circuit of 3 different practical activities consisting of Dodgeball, a Netball/football hybrid game and Team Races. There were moments during these activities that the Volunteers (all workers from Standard Chartered Bank) stopped the students and asked them questions regarding their future, their aspirations, the subjects that they were studying and then gave them general advice surrounding career options whilst sharing their experiences of how they had come to work for the Bank. 

After a lovely lunch that was put on by Standard Chartered, we went into the final Q & A sessions with top female executives from the Bank. This is where Sophia Maarouf asked the killer question: “If you had the opportunity to write a book, what would it be called and what would it include?” Both speakers were stumped for a short while before responding with “Wonderful, Working Women,” which would outline how to succeed within male dominated careers. This question was chosen as the best by the speakers and this therefore means that our GCSE PE students have been invited to attend an all-expenses paid trip to the Standard Chartered Head Offices in the Spring.

It was an amazing opportunity to be invited to this event. The students came back buzzing that they had met some top female sporting stars, that they had learnt some new information regarding their potential career choices and that they’ll get to collect their prize by visiting the bank in the Spring term.

Ms Norley – Beck
Curriculum Leader PE