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The Brilliant Club Trip to Cambridge University

In the words of our students! …

On the 20th of February 2017 24 girls took part in the Brilliant club trip and fortunately, I was one of these girls! This trip was a launch of the scholar programme and we were introduced to three PhD tutors who gave a brief introduction of the topic they would introduce to us and then we went and commenced with our tutorial 1 which was hosted by Amina Yonis. We started on our topic which was about the brain which was very fascinating. We also experienced a talk about applying for universities and I learnt there is 165 universities in the UK. This was followed by a session on study skills and we did an activity where we looked at different skills and matched them to the names on the board that was very fun. Lastly a student from Cambridge, Ben, gave us a tour around Clare College which was very informative. I had an amazing day and this definitely affects the decision to whether I want to go to university. 

Safiyyah Mangerah (Year 9)

On Monday 20th February 2017, the students who are part of the Brilliant Club were given the opportunity to visit Cambridge University for the day. It was a day packed full of information as well as fun. We had a miraculous day and I was able to learn a lot about what university life entails. During our visit, we were given a tutorial by a PHD student in which we learnt about the topic we are going to have an assignment on in a few weeks. The Scholarship Programme is going to help me understand better how assignments in university have to be presented and how to structure an assignment.

Diana Hysenaj (Year 10)