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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 16th November 2018

    Published 16/11/18

    Sarah Bonnell’s curriculum is broad, balanced and brilliant!

    This week the Sarah Bonnell Leadership Team have been reflecting on Ofsted’s renewed focus on the curriculum regarding the three ‘I’s’ of the curriculum – Intent, Implementation and Impact. I know the SB curriculum ticks the guidance. It is broad enough for all students to learn a range of different subjects, balanced enough to ensure students have the right access to pathways that secure the appropriate next steps in further education, training or work and brilliant because it is engaging, enriching and effective. If you would like to find out more about one aspect of our curriculum called the KS4 Pathways Curriculum please follow the link to watch the latest film.

    Our curriculum is so much more than just the subjects taught on the time-table. As John Dunford said it is ‘the whole experience of school’ including clubs, educational visits, professional relationships between students and staff and the development of character through form time, school council and other leadership roles. November has been jam-packed with examples of this ‘broad, balanced and brilliant’ curriculum. Sarah Bonnell students have shown their curiosity, creativity and commitment in and out of lessons – read more below Be Proud

    Sarah Bonnell students get ‘STEAMed’ up

    On Thursday 8 November the Science, Technology, Computing and Business, Art and Maths teams came together to deliver a whole day of activities to inspire learning about these curriculum areas. Ms Adel, Associate Senior Leader, did a great job of coordinating the day which included workshops led by Maverick Medics and a visit to an inflatable planetarium. During lunch-time the Maths hall was buzzing with activities led by students and staff including opportunities to build mathematical models, make lava lamps, solve problems, code computer micro-bits and more. Aim High

    Sarah Bonnell students unite in support of national Anti-bullying week

    As part of our on-going work to promote positive relationships in school, Deputy Headgirl Melanie Corbin worked with other members of the Student Leadership Team including Taylor, Mathu, Merle to strengthen commitment to one of the key Sarah Bonnell values ‘Be Nice’. There were assemblies about Anti-bullying Week and the student leaders created a great interactive display of the pledges supporting this message.  Be Nice 

    Sarah Bonnell students shine at Shakespeare Schools Festival 2018

    Students from Years 8-10 performed in two plays at this prestigious national event hosted locally by Stratford Circus. The performances got great feedback from the audience and Director of the Festival. Special thanks must go to Ms Griffiths, Ms Jim and Mr Bentley for their excellent productions and giving the girls this great opportunity.

    Girls Network are off to a flying start

    Students in Year 10 went to Pinsent Mason on Monday 5 November with Ms Sangster and Mr Rudland to meet the professional women who have volunteered to give some time out of their working week to mentor and coach students from Sarah Bonnell as part of The Girls Network. This opportunity gives students access to meaningful coaching and mentoring from women who have ‘been there and done it’ –role models to inspire our girls to go on to even greater success.

    Sarah Bonnell Silver Arts Award

    On Wednesday 7 November the Art Curriculum Area hosted an event to show-case the creative leadership skills of students following the Silver Arts Award in partnership with Bow Arts. The after-school events gave parents, visitors and students the chance to try different creative techniques and appreciate the art work on display.

    GCSE Awards Evening 

    On Wednesday 15 November we welcomed back our Year of 2018 to present their official GCSE certificates and present some special awards for achievement and contribution to the school. Head Girl 2017-2018, Hannah Dale, gave a nice speech reminding the year group to cherish the memories they have and continue to follow their dreams. Ms Brown, Ms Ihsan and Mr Rudland gave speeches too, thanking the students for their contribution to school life and reminding them to keep in touch

    ‘Once a Sarah Bonnell girl. Always a Sarah Bonnell girl’.

    Guest speaker Alex O’Brien, a Science Writer, talked about the importance of hard work and determination before announcing Zaynah Ali as the winner of the O’Brien Family Scholarship 2018. This generous scholarship, funded by the O’Brien family, provides financial support of up to £24 000 to one Sarah Bonnell student over the fiveyear period of Key Stage 5 and University. The scholarship is awarded after a rigorous and fair selection process and is intended to support with funding educational resources and experiences. Last year’s winner, Binta Bah, came back to give some words of advice on coping with the first year of A ‘Level and also explained how she has benefited from the scholarship by using it to pay for BMAT exams, the Gap Medics programme and essential books and resources.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • School Letter: 9th November

    Published 09/11/18

    Dear Parent(s) / Person(s) with Parental Responsibility,      

    I am writing to update you regarding the issue of False Widow Spiders that has been affecting Newham recently and let you know more about how this has affected Sarah Bonnell School and how we have responded.

    The safety and well-being of students, staff and visitors to the school is of the highest importance and throughout this period I have taken every precaution to respond quickly to any issues or concerns that have been reported to me.

    Students and staff are doing a great job of keeping both vigilant and calm about this issue. When individual issues have been reported, or there have been worries or concerns shared about the presence or effect of spiders, these have been taken seriously and followed-up using the guidance from Public Health England and the London Borough of Newham.

    In addition, Sarah Bonnell commissioned site surveys by the authorised Pest Control team and their expert advice has been followed throughout every stage of treatment of the school site. This involved spraying and fogging the exterior and interior areas of the school with an approved pesticide. School buildings and outdoor areas have been safe to use within four hours of any of these pesticide treatments. The contract we now have with the Pest Control team includes regular monitoring of the school site to check for presence of these spiders or their nests.

    Sarah Bonnell School does not have a False Widow Spider infestation, unlike other local schools that were forced to close, but I will continue to monitor the situation and act in the best interests of the school community should this situation change.

    I hope this letter reassures you that any evidence of False Widow Spiders has been treated seriously.

    Don’t forget you can keep up to date with everything that is going on at school through the Sarah Bonnell website

    Yours faithfully,

    Rae Potter


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 2nd November 2018

    Published 02/11/18

    Black History Month Guest Speaker says ‘there’s a great feeling of sisterhood here’

    On Tuesday 30 October Sarah Bonnell students staged their first Black History Month Celebration Evening for parents, friends and foundation governors of the school. There were exhibitions of art work exploring ideas linked to culture, colonialism and racism and performances from Lola, SB Poet Laureate, the talented Sarah Bonnell choir and Jade Anthony. The guest speaker was Seyi Akiwowo one of the Sarah Bonnell Alumni and founder of Glitch. Seyi inspired everyone by sharing her path to success from Sarah Bonnell to politics to founding Glitch – a platform to end on-line abuse. Seyi congratulated the students for staging the event and commented that they should be proud of the atmosphere of sisterhood that has been created at the school.  The evening was rounded off with a dance performance from Year 10 students who got the audience joining in with a finale performance of Candy. Be Proud

    Sarah Bonnell students are inspired by ‘The Wolves’. Two groups of students had the opportunity to attend a performance at the Theatre Royal Stratford East called ‘The Wolves’. The performance got the girls thinking about the experiences of young women growing up in society today.

    Sarah Bonnell students get debating with Debate Mate Launch

    As part of our work on improving literacy and developing speaking and listening skills, Mr Begley and Ms Sahebdhin took a group of students to take part in the launch of this years Debate Mate competition. Students gained some training and advice on debating and practiced their public speaking skills on a range of topics.  Aim High

    Respecting Cultural Diversity

    Sarah Bonnell  places great importance on recognising and celebrating the cultural diversity of our school and our wider community. Throughout the year we give students the opportunity to enjoy learning about the values, beliefs and traditions that sit behind some of the most important local, national or global events, festival and ceremonies. This week Mr Munoz, Deputy Curriculum Leader for World Languages and Ms Biltcliffe, Curriculum Leader for PSHCE, delivered assemblies and craft activities on the Mexican Day of the Dead.

    Next week Sarah Bonnell will be marking the religious festival of Diwali – Festival of Lights and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all staff and students celebrating this festival a very happy Diwali. Be Proud

    Dates for your diary ……..

    Next week Sarah Bonnell will be performing at the Stratford Circus as part of the Shakespeare Schools festival. Please come along and support the students – tickets are available from the Box Office and are selling fast! The quality of the acting is always superb.

    On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December the Sarah Bonnell School Production is a contemporary version of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Tickets will be going on sale soon.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 19th October 2018

    Published 24/10/18

    Year 7 Celebration of Learning

    On Wednesday Sarah Bonnell held its annual Celebration of Learning Evening. Year 7 students were proud to be able to show off their work and parents even got to see the drama performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of our Transition Project in partnership with The Globe Theatre. All the work on display demonstrated what a great first half-term Year 7 have had at Sarah Bonnell .  Be Proud

    Headteacher’s Student of the Week

    Todat I met two girls in Year 10 who had been nominated for the Headteacher’s Student of the Week Award by Mr Walsh, Progress Leader and Teacher of English. Maariyah and Naz had written a rap to the theme tune of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ all about Victorian England and the plight of the working class. This was all part of their background research on Victorian England to help them understand the context of the novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ written by Charles Dickens.  Well done to Maariyah and Naz! Work Hard

    Sarah Bonnell Foundation Governors

    The Sarah Bonnell Foundation Governors met on Wednesday and were pleased to hear about the impact the foundation has on students’ achievement and well-being. One Governor praised the students at Sarah Bonnell for making such a positive difference to their local community.

    Janet Williams, and representatives from our Student Senior Leadership Team paid respects to Sarah Bonnell’s memorial stone in St Mary’s church, Walthamstow.  2019 is the 250 Birthday of Sarah Bonnell School and I am looking forward to planning events to celebrate.

    Half-term holiday

    Just a reminder that school is closed from Monday 22 – Friday 26 October. I look forward to the start of another successful half-term on Monday 29 October.

    Rae Potter, Headteacher

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 12th October 2018

    Published 12/10/18

    Parents say Sarah Bonnell is ‘impressive’

    On Wednesday Sarah Bonnell held its annual Open Evening for admission to the school in September 2019. It was very successful, with hundreds of visitors keen to find out what makes us a great girls school. Students and staff were proud to be able to show  our excellent facilities, take the Year 6 and their families on tours of the school and help them experience activities linked to all the different subjects we offer here. One parent told me he thought the school was ‘impressive and that staff and students were great ambassadors for the school’ and another said ‘I really want my daughter to come here’. It was really nice seeing our current students helping Year 6 get involved in different activities in Science, Computer Science, Geography and Maths and hearing their feedback about the drama performance and exhibition of trampolining skills. Aliyah , Headgirl, gave a welcome speech that told Year 6 about the way she has been supported and encouraged to develop her confidence and the different experiences she has benefited from during her time here and three Year 7 students gave great advice to Year 6 about the clubs we have on offer, the interesting lessons and how easy it has been for them to make friends. I am always impressed with the students at Sarah Bonnell and I am pleased that Open Evening gave them a chance to show how proud they are of their school and their own achievements. Be Proud

    Sarah Bonnell are in the ‘top ten’ at the Borough Cross Country competition .

    PE students accompanied Ms Emmerson and Ms Barnard to Wanstead Flats to compete in the borough Cross Country competition. Well done to all the girls for completing the distance and representing Sarah Bonnell well at this annual event and special congratulations to those who came in the top ten in the borough! Be Proud

    Students inspired by author at Stratford Library 

    On Wednesday students visited Stratford Library with Ms Whitehouse and Ms Sangster to hear a talk from Catherine Johnson as part of our celebration of Black History Month. Catherine is an author of several fiction and non-fiction books that promote Black History and the girls gained a lot from hearing her speak about the topics she writes about and how.  Aim High

    International Day of the Girl – 11 October 

    Sarah Bonnell has been celebrating the International Day of the Girl this week because as we place great importance on encouraging all our students to be ambitious and to understand the issues around equality of opportunity. The United Nations International Day of the Girl reminds us of the many challenges faced by girls across the globe. 600 million teenage girls will enter the workforce in the next decade and more than 90% of those living in developing countries will work in low or no pay jobs where abuse and exploitation are common. The United Nations Secretary General , Antonio Guterres , said "On this International Day of the Girl, let us recommit to supporting every girl to develop her skills, enter the workforce on equal terms and reach her full potential’

    This lines-up with our school values of ‘Aim High , Be Proud and No Excuses’ and our focus on providing opportunities for our girls to develop attitudes and skills that will help them have the courage and confidence to break through barriers they may face in the world of work, in the family and in society. No Excuses

    Healthy Schools – eat well, think well, feel well and get active

    We continue to focus on Healthy Schools status in order to encourage the Sarah Bonnell community to be healthy in mind and body. Please remember to ensure your daughter brings only healthy snacks in to school. Crisps, Fizzy drinks, sweets and other foods high in sugar and salt are not permitted.  Be Nice

    Rae Potter - Headteacher

    Sarah Bonnell School

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 5th October 2018

    Published 05/10/18

    Black History Month 2018

    Our annual celebration of Black History Month got off to a great start this week with an inspiring display in the Piazza on the theme of Colonialism. The display is generating discussion and there are follow-up activities in Form Time to provide opportunities to celebrate and recognise the diversity of our school community and learn how history has shaped the world we live in today.

    In addition, students and staff are busy planning an evening of celebration on Tuesday 30 October which will include guest speakers, musical performances, poetry readings and more. Look out for more details in the coming weeks. Be Proud

    Sarah Bonnell girls inspire the next generation of Drama teachers

    University College London Institute of Education visited Sarah Bonnell Drama Department on Tuesday to deliver a Shakespeare workshop with Year 9 Drama students. Drama trainee teachers came along to work with Year 9 students on the theme of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Jane Coles said @The Year 9 pupils were a real credit to their teachers and to the school. This year we were all most impressed by the girls’ existing knowledge of Shakespeare and the serious, committed way in which they approached the activities. Overall the morning was a very positive experience for the student teachers who are just about to begin their first placement schools.  At the end of the workshop, we invited your girls to offer some advice to our students as they enter the profession – an opportunity which they accepted with mature consideration.’

    The trainee teachers gave great feedback on the workshop and our students enjoyed taking part. Aim High

    Sarah Bonnell Digital Leaders share top tips with parents

    On Wednesday evening our Digital Leaders shared an important presentation on ‘On-line Safety’ to a group of interested parents who attending the first of a series of Parent Workshops this year. The feedback from parents was very positive and all left with tips about how to promote safety online.Be Nice

    The chicks have hatched

    As part of our work towards Healthy Schools status and our drive to teach students about sustainability we have been working with an organisation that provides an incubator with some hen eggs so that students can see them hatch and learn from this process. There has been a lot of interest from students (and staff) and the chicks have now hatched! 

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • ​​​​​​​Headteacher's Weekly Message: 28th September 2018

    Published 02/10/18

    Business Links provide great opportunities 

    As part of our Futures Curriculum we have been fortunate enough to get some great links with The FCA. The FCA is the UK financial regulator, their job is to protect consumers and ensure the financial markets work fairly. As part of their work in the Newham community they want to help young people find pathways into work, higher education and self-employment and have teamed up with Sarah Bonnell and Rokeby to deliver a programme called Inspiring Futures. Their aim is to get young people thinking about their future and reaching their potential. At the end of the programme our students and their parents/carers will be invited to celebrate their achievements at a graduation event held at the head office. The programme  kicked off with a fantastic launch event at the newly built offices in the Stratford Olympic Park on Tuesday 25th September. Two students from Sarah Bonnell and Rokeby School unveiled the plaque with Andrew Bailey, CFO of the FCA. Staff from the FCA said ‘ Our last building was opened by the Queen, we thought it would be nice to invite some other VIPs to open our new building in the Stratford Olympic Park’ . Be Proud

    Headgirl – Aliyah Irabor-York abseils the Orbit

    On Friday 28th September Aliyah Irabor-York took part in a fundraising event for the charity TeachFirst.  Aliyah completed an 80m abseil down the Orbit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Aliyah did a fantastic job and was praised by everyone who attended the event. Aim High

    Jack Petchey Award Winners 2018

    On Monday 24th September the following students attended the Newham Jack Petchey Awards Ceremony. Students had received their awards during 2017-2019 for making a difference to their school and their community. Some students had helped out during the winter months at the Salvation Army shelter, while others lead and delivered social media training for students. Well done to Diana Hysenaj, Faythe Desousa, Elisabeth woods, Munibah Kousar, Niamh Raggett, Nusrat Rashid, Hizela Trindade de Lucas, Shukri Yusuf and Mathumithaa Yoganathan. Be Nice. Aim High.

    Extended Learning Day

    Students were involved in a wide range of different activities on the first Extended Learning Day of the school year. Mr Archer, Assistant Headteacher put together a brilliant programme with the help and support of our talented Sarah Bonnell staff. Trips, activities and guest speakers inspired girls in different year groups to get thinking about health, wellbeing and diversity. Thank you to all staff who planned and delivered special events for the girls including a very successful trip to France, an inspiring talk from Olympic athlete and 100m hurdler and great Sports Competition for Year 11  . Aim High. Work Hard

    Open Evening 2018

    Next Wednesday is Open Evening for entry in September 2019. This will be a great opportunity for families with a child in Year 6 to visit the school and find out what makes our school such a great place to learn  and develop. Headteacher and Headgirl talks will be at 5.15pm and 6.00pm. See you then !

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 21st September 2018

    Published 24/09/18

    London Design Week 2018

    As part of our school focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) our creative Art, Design and Technology Curriculum Area got students taking part in a range of events to celebrate London Design Week. There were presentations in Form Time and an inspiring display in the Piazza. The culmination of events took place on Thursday with a range of different activities to get students thinking about the links between recycling and design. Students made rugs with recycled materials including recycled plastic bags and made pledges to change their behaviour to reduce the use of single use plastics and respect the environment. Be Nice

    Run the River – Headgirl completes the 5km run in 38minutes after giving a speech 

    On Tuesday 18 September Aliyah Irabor-York took part in a high-profile fundraising event ‘Run the River’ for the charity TeachFirst.  The event is sponsored by Citi Bank and hundreds of Citi staff supported the charity run. Aliyah was invited to speak at the beginning of the event in order to motivate the runners – she did a fantastic job and was praised by bosses at the event. During her speech she thanked Mr Walsh, Progress Leader for Year 7 and English teacher, for his inspirational support and great teaching.   Be Proud

    Come and see us in action – Open Mornings

    Sarah Bonnell is busy recruiting for September 2019. The next Open Morning is on Thursday 27 September 2018 – you can visit lessons and see the school in action! See the website for more details and take a look at our short-film showing highlights from our 2017 Open Evening.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 14th September 2018

    Published 14/09/18

    One Vision-One Team-One Voice

    Form Time and Motivate Me Monthly

    Aliyah Irabor-York, Headgirl for 2018-2019, has been getting the year off to a great start by talking in assembly about her idea to introduce a ‘Motivate Me Monthly’ which will include activities, speakers, books and events suggested by students across the school to keep them inspired, motivated and thinking. This fits in well with our focus this year on making Form Time a great start to each day and Ms Sangster, Deputy Headteacher, and Ms Biltcliffe, Curriculum Leader for PSHCE, shared the benefits of this in assembly this week

    Run the River – Headgirl racing ahead with the support of her teacher, Mr Walsh

    On Tuesday 18 September Aliyah will be running in a high-profile fundraising event ‘Run the River’ for the charity TeachFirst. Aliyah supports the charity TeachFirst and was recently interviewed about this. She said ‘When a charity wants to help children, not just through donating money but by training teachers, I think it’s fantastic, and that’s what I love most about TeachFirst.’ Good Luck Aliyah and Mr Walsh, Progress Leader for Year 7 and Teach First alumni, who will be running alongside Aliyah.  Be Proud

    Come and see us in action – Open Mornings

    Sarah Bonnell is busy recruiting for September 2019. On Tuesday 18 September it is our first Open Morning for those interested in getting a secondary school place for their daughter in Year 7 in September 2019. The Open Mornings are a chance to tour the school, visit lessons and see a normal school day and start at 9.00am.  There are other opportunities for prospective parents and children to visit the school – see the website for more details and also take a look at our short-film showing highlights from our 2017 Open Evening.

    Rae Potter

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 7th September 2018

    Published 09/09/18
    Another great year ahead
    The new school year has got off to a great start. Students and staff are ready for another busy and rewarding year ahead and there has been a really positive atmosphere around school. Aim High
    One Vision-One Team-One Voice 
    On Monday we welcomed back all staff with a training day with a focus on ‘One Vision – One Team-One Voice’: We celebrated the success of the GCSE Exam Results, shared ideas about how to make teaching ‘irresistible’ and had annual training on Keeping Children Safe in Education. Work Hard
    Ready to learn 
    On Tuesday Sarah Bonnell welcomed our new, larger, cohort of Year 7 students who have joined us from different primary schools in Newham and surrounding boroughs. Once again the school is over-subscribed with record numbers of parents putting Sarah Bonnell as first choice school for their daughter’s education. We also welcomed back students in Years 8-11. All students have impressed me with their attitude to learning and the way they have quickly settled-in to the new term. Be Proud
    Healthy Schools
    Thank you for supporting the school with our continued focus on Healthy Schools and making sure students bring healthy snacks and packed lunches. Our ‘Sustainability Garden’ has thrived over the summer holiday with tomatoes, courgettes and pumpkins ready to harvest Be Nice
    Great KS5 places for Sarah Bonnell students
    GCSE success has ensured that Sarah Bonnell students have gone on to start great Key Stage 5 courses. I am delighted that so many of our students have gone on to study at local colleges like Newham Collegiate Sixth Form, NewVic, London Academy of Excellence and other school Sixth Form Colleges. I am confident our girls will make a valuable contribution to these colleges and look forward to hearing more about their success in the months to come. Five of our top achievers at GCSE are eligible to apply for the O’Brien Family Scholarship, worth up to £25000, which is awarded to one Sarah Bonnell student each year who has demonstrated a commitment to the Sarah Bonnell Way. I look forward to announcing the winner of the scholarship in November. Two of our students have secured a Beale Bursary to fund a full boarding place at Cheltenham Ladies College. Manisha Teji and Abida Hayat will attend the prestigious independent girls’ school to complete their A’level courses. Be Proud
    Road Safety
    Please remember that if you drive your daughter to and from school that you cannot stop or park on the yellow zig-zag lines or double yellow lines on Water Lane. Parking illegally puts girls in danger when crossing the road as it reduces their ability to see the traffic. There are safe drop-off and collection points in Deanery Road and other local side roads – please use these instead. Be Nice
    Rae Potter – Headteacher  


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  • Another Year of Great GCSE results at Sarah Bonnell School

    Published 23/08/18

    I would like to congratulate everyone on another year of great GCSE results.  Staff have done a great job of securing great progress and making sure students met the challenge of the new and legacy GCSEs and I am really pleased with their results. This year students were faced with more difficult content, more examinations and a tightly packed schedule of examinations during some of the hottest days of the summer when many were also fasting. I am very proud of their achievements.

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  • End of Summer Term Letter

    Published 18/07/18

    Dear Parent/Carer,    

    I am writing to remind you about some important dates and share some news about Healthy Eating and Well-being.

    Term dates

    Please make a note of the school term dates and holiday dates for the end of this school year and the start of the next.

    • Thursday 19 July 2018 students will be dismissed at 1.10pm to begin the summer holiday.
    • Summer holiday is from Friday 20 July – Monday 3 September 2018 for students
    • GCSE Exam Results Day for Year 11 – Thursday 23 August 2018 at 9.30 – 11.30am
    • Year 10 GCSE Further Maths Results – Thursday 23 August 2018 at 11.00 – 11.30am
    • Autumn term begins for students– Tuesday 4 September 2018 at 8.30am for the new Year 7 and at 10.50am for Year 8-11

    The full term dates for 2018-2019 can be found on the school website.

    Health and Well-being

    From September 2018, as part of our on-going commitment to students’ health and well-being, we will be actively pursuing Healthy Schools status. This is a formal accreditation, endorsed by the Mayor of London and developed in consultation with Ofsted, awarded to schools who promote healthy eating, physical activity, mental well-being and support sustainability.

    As part of this work there are three key points to share:

    Healthy Eating

    The Home School Agreement and The Sarah Bonnell Way already reflect our expectation that students will make healthy choices in the food they bring to school. Students are not permitted to bring to school, or consume on site, foods that are high in sugar, sugar substitutes and/ or have a high fat content. Please support this by talking to your daughter and reminding her that the following types of foods are not permitted on school premises:

    • Sweets (boiled, lollipops, fizzy laces, chewing gum etc)
    • Cakes (doughnuts, muffins, cookies, biscuits etc.)
    • Fizzy drinks or energy drinks of any kind
    • Crisps
    • Chocolate bars

    Instead we encourage students to replace these items with:

    • Fresh fruit and /or vegetables
    • Water
    • Wholegrain snacks

    Developing the cafeteria and school meals

    We are working with Chartwells, our catering contractors, to support out Healthy Schools application by further reducing the sugar content of foods sold in the cafeteria and promote healthy eating.  The school meals menu is being reviewed to reflect this and Chartwells are consulting students through the School Council on the changes they would like to see.

    Single-use plastic

    We have already worked with students to hear their ideas on the school environment. They are passionate about recycling, reducing single-use plastic and improving our sustainability.

    Single-use plastic is one of the biggest environmental pollutants of the modern day; there are an estimated 2 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean alone.  In order to reduce our impact on the environment Sarah Bonnell is phasing out single-use plastics across the school including disposable plastic cups. Please make sure your daughter brings a reusable water bottle to school every day (all Year 7 students will be given a reusable water bottle free of charge as part of their welcome to the school). Students can use the water fountains to refill these bottles before school, at break and lunch time.

    I am sure you will be supportive of these changes to the way we approach health and well-being. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.


    Please make sure your daughter attends school every-day during term-time to maximise her achievement. The school cannot authorise any requests for holidays or trips abroad during term-time.


    I expect to see all girls wearing the full and correct uniform with pride. A full list of our uniform can be found on the website and can be purchased from our uniform supplier:

    Ian Howard, 409 Barking Road, East Ham, London E6 2JT.  Tel. 020 8472 1729

    Sarah Bonnell News

    This terms edition of Sarah Bonnell News is packed full of stories of the lessons, trips, visits and opportunities the girls have had to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence. I hope you enjoy reading it and would like to remind you that you can keep up to date with everything that is going on at school through the Sarah Bonnell website

    Finally I would like to thank you for your continued support of the school – we have achieved a lot this year including our best ever GCSE results, great opportunities for students in and out of lessons, conversion to an academy and a great Ofsted report. I look forward to another busy and rewarding year in 2018-2019 and wish you all an enjoyable and safe summer holiday.

    Yours sincerely,



    Rae Potter


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