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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 15th February 2018

    Published 19/02/19

    Extended Learning Day February 2019

    On Tuesday staff at Sarah Bonnell arranged a wide range ofbrilliant opportunities for students to learn and experience things beyond the normal curriculum. For example, students in Year 10 went on Careers Insight Visits to places like Davis Polk Law firm where they found out what it means to be a lawyer and the qualifications required to be successful in this profession. History students went on a walking tour of East London to learn about crime and punishment in Victorian England. Music students created a song they are going to enter for a national competition composing and performing all the music and writing, singing and rapping the lyrics in French. Students in Year 7 took part in Safer Internet Day activities led by our brilliant Year 10 Digital Leaders and Year 11 had some workshops on Relationships and Sex Education.  ELD visits and workshops are an important part of the Sarah Bonnell curriculum because they give students access to educational visits, guest speakers and a chance to immerse themselves in one topic for a whole day. Aim High 

    Sarah Bonnell mark LGBTQ month  

    The Sarah Bonnell Way begins with ‘Be Proud’ and one of the bullet points under this heading reads ‘We are proud of ourselves, our heritage and the school community’. I think this part of the school motto sits in line with the principles behind national LGBTQ month which remind us all of the importance of recognising, celebrating and being proud of the things that make us individuals in our own right including our gender identity. Be Proud

    Sarah Bonnell take to the ski slopes of Austria

    Our first ever ski trip set off today on their coach journey through France to the Austrian Alps. Mr Archer, Assistant Headteacher and Ms Clark, Deputy Headteacher have organised this opportunity to give students a chance to develop team work and communication skills as well learn an exciting new sport in a beautiful geographical landscape. Ski Safe and Ski Happy Sarah Bonnell  

    International Women’s Day – it’s getting closer! 

    Once again Sarah Bonnell will be putting on an evening of celebration for International Women’s Day. Put the date in your diary and get tickets for you and your daughter to celebrate with us on Friday 8 March 2019 from 5:30pm to 7:00 pm. 

    Rae Potter – Headteacher  


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 8th February 2018

    Published 11/02/19

    Safer Internet Day – Digital Leaders impress 

    Our Digital Leaders had the amazing opportunity to present at the BT centre where a host of guest speakers and students were attending. The Digital leaders led the way showcasing their fantastic work and knowledge. Israa Ibrahim did an amazing job hosting the event, engaging the audience and welcoming ministers and CEO’s on stage. A huge well done to our digital leaders that attended the event.

    BBC News invite Sarah Bonnell students to interview the Chief Medical Officer

    Following on from their success at the Safer Internet Day event at BT, two of the Digital Leaders, Maariyah Ali and Israa Ibrahim, had a further opportunity to interview Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, on how social media affects your mental health. This interview was for the BBC News and was aired on both the 6pm and 10pm news –you can still watch the report on BBC iplayer. The girls were totally confident, articulate and professional and were praised from BBC producers on their questioning skills. Be Proud

    Year 11 Parents, Teachers and students working together

    Year 11 students really have #Gotthis. On Wednesday it was great to see so many year 11 students at the Parents Evening. The evening began with a short welcome and introduction from Mr Archer, Assistant Headteacher, who spoke about the hard work the students have been putting in to their lessons and exam preparation and shared news of our Year 11 Reward Scheme to keep motivation high over the next few months. The Reward Scheme involves students getting points for attending extra intervention and revision sessions and for showing high levels of participation and commitment to learning. The points relate to prizes like Prom Tickets, Leavers Hoody, Maths Calculators, Revision Guides and coaching sessions. The buzz of this successful event planned by Mr Archer, Assistant Headteacher, Ms Whitfield, Progress Leader and Ms Whitfield, Year Leader, has been evident in Year 11’s attitude to learning this week. I know we can keep working together to support and encourage students to get the success they deserve.  No Excuses

    Sarah Bonnell Geographers get in to Epping Forest

    On Thursday, Sarah Bonnell GCSE Geography students ventured in to Epping Forest to conduct filed research as part of their GCSE Geography course. This educational visit was planned to give the students practical experience to support their learning in class and will support their achievement in the GCSE examinations in June 2019. Work Hard

    Sarah Bonnell’s Headgirl 2019 is Israa Ibrahim

    On Thursday, after two weeks of creative and purposeful campaigning, the students and staff of Sarah Bonnell were able to go to the ballot box to vote for Sarah Bonnell’s Headgirl 2019. The turn-out was a strong 72% of the school electorate and I am delighted to announce that Israa was elected to this important position. The other candidates – Shukri, Jaden, Maariyah and Dorcas showed great integrity throughout their campaign and I am hopeful they will now stand for Deputy Head and Assistant Head position in the Student Leadership Team. Be Proud. 

    International Women Day – join us to celebrate

    Once again Sarah Bonnell will be putting on an evening of celebration for International Women’s Day. Put the date in your diary and get tickets for you and your daughter to celebrate with us on Friday 8 March 2019 from 5:30pm to 7:00 pm.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

    Sarah Bonnell School

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 1st February 2018

    Published 04/02/19

    Creative Careers Event – Find your future

    On Wednesday 30 January 2019 the Art and Design department of Sarah Bonnell hosted our first Creative Careers event delivered in partnership with Bow Arts Consortium.  To start the event, we had keynote talks from Leyla Reynolds – Artistic Director of gla-dem magazine and Jessica Ashman who is a BAFTA award winning animation artist and arts educator. Students then had the opportunity to meet creative professionals from across a variety of art sectors and learn about the careers available. Parents and students were also able to speak to industry professionals including those working in the areas of Architecture, Interior Design, Design Innovation and many more. The feedback from the artists and designers visiting the school was fantastic with photographer ‘Skallywag Fox’ commenting that Sarah Bonnell students are ‘thoughtful, interested and polite’ as they talked to him about his powerful fashion photography and portraits. A highlight of the evening for me was listening to Janine Francois, a former Sarah Bonnell student herself, talk about her happy memories of school and describing the journey she had taken to become a pioneering lecturer at London College of Fashion and PhD student working for her doctorate. The feedback from parents and students was also excellent with students gaining knowledge about how to ‘Find their future in Creative Careers’ Aim High

    Sarah Bonnell reflects on Holocaust Memorial Day

    This annual event marks the national day to remember and learn from the Holocaust and subsequent genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Darfur. Students were involved in a variety of activities to remember what Holocaust survivors went through between 1942-1945. In changing times, it seems even more appropriate that we learn from the past in order to secure a peaceful future. Be Nice

    Newham Civil Society Youth Commission

    Ms Sangster (Deputy Headteacher) and Ms Clark (Deputy Headteacher) took 11 Year 8 students to the Newham Civil Society Youth Commission on Tuesday 31 January 2019. The students were exemplary and Ms Sangster said she was ‘incredibly proud’ of them. They contributed to important discussions about how to make our community safer and how to build better relationships with the police. Several people commented on what the girls had to say and how impressed they were with them. Be Proud

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 


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  • Half term Holiday Offer at the London Stadium

    Published 30/01/19


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 25th January 2018

    Published 28/01/19

    Year 9 Tenner Challenge

    Our year 9 students have been involved in the fantastic Tenner Challenge across the last two weeks at lunchtime. The Tenner Challenge is an interactive programme that helps students to develop key employability skills including creativity, resilience and problem solving, whilst using real money to make as much profit as possible from the £10. The girls showed their creativity by making jewellery, canvases and recycled stationary. I was really impressed with their ideas and the students involved really enjoyed the challenge. The money raised will be donated to our school charity United World Schools. Be Proud

    Year 11 Practice GCSE Exams

    Year 11 have finished an intensive two weeks of Practice GCSE Exams. It’s been nice hearing students talk about feeling proud of the fact they’ve coped so well with the pressure and hearing them talk about feeling confident that they’ve done well. Staff look forward to sharing exam results at the Year 11 Parents Evening on Wednesday 6th February 2019. Work Hard

    Sarah Bonnell’s Creative Careers Event

    On Wednesday 30th January 2019 the Art and Design department will be hosting a Creative Careers event alongside Bow Arts. To start the event, we have Keynote talks from 5:20pm by Leyla Reynolds – Artistic Director of gla-dem magazine and Jessica Ashman who is a BAFTA award winning animation artist and arts educator. Students will then have the opportunity to meet creative professionals from across a variety of art sectors and learn about the careers available. Parents and students will be able to speak to industry professionals including those working in the areas of Architecture, Interior Design, Design Innovation and many more.  We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday from 5:15pm.  Aim High

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 18th January 2018

    Published 18/01/19

    Who will be the next Headgirl of Sarah Bonnell School?

    Nine of the newly elected Year 10 Prefects were successfully shortlisted to attend interviews for the opportunity to campaign to become the next Headgirl of Sarah Bonnell School. The nine awesome students competing for this year’s prestigious Head Girl position have been working hard preparing presentations for their interview. The candidates were put through their paces by a panel made up of the Year 10 Leadership Team (Ms Costas, Mr Keenan and Mr Begley), Mr Leslie (Chair of Governors), Mr Rudland (Assistant Headteacher), Aliyah Irabor-York (Headgirl) and me. I was really impressed with their manifesto ideas, confidence and public speaking skills. In their presentations the girls talked about the pride they have in their school, the opportunities that have developed their confidence and leadership skills (Headstart, Form Time, Digital Leaders, School Performances) and praised staff for everything they do to support students in the school.

    Well done to Dorcas Mbala, Israa Ibrahim, Jaden Sharpe-Stroude, Xhenete Mani, Maariyah Ali, Aanaya Miah, Jasrah Hannan, Sukhveer Singh and Shukri Yusuf for seizing this opportunity.

    The quality of the presentations made it very difficult for the panel to decide but the five students selected to campaign for Headgirl are Dorcas, Israa, Jaden, Maariyah and Shukri.  I look forward to Election Day on Thursday 7 February 2019 when students and staff will be able to cast their votes for our next Headgirl.   Be Proud

    Basketball star, John Starks, visits Sarah Bonnell

    On Wednesday 16th January a group of students were part of a basketball masterclass hosted by Natasha Hart MBE, founder of the Newham All Star Sports Academy (NASSA)and John Starks, former New York Knicks basketball player and member of the NBA Hall of Fame. To start the session, the students and John were part of a talk led by Anthony Okereafor, a NASSA player and founder of the initiative ‘Carry a Basketball Not a Blade’ (CABNAB) after losing a close friend to knife violence. John supported the coaching session alongside Natasha and spoke to the girls about his experiences growing up and how basketball had influenced his life. Some of the students were also able to attend the New York Knicks v Washington Wizards at the O2 on Thursday 17th January. Both events were inspiring and motivational for all involved. A huge thank you to the New York Knicks for their time, the tickets and the wonderful bags they gave all players. Aim High

    King's College Medical Activity Day

    On Wednesday 16th Jan, 28 Year 10 Triple Science students visited King’s College to attend a Medical Activity Day. The students were able to consolidate what they have been learning about in lessons, as well as find out more about a range of healthcare professions through workshops led by University students currently studying Medicine. They also had the opportunity to develop their clinical skills by learning how to check blood pressure, take a blood sample and administer CPR, amongst many other activities.

    Overall, the students really enjoyed the day and we received lots of positive feedback from the facilitators of the event who were really impressed with the girls’ level of enthusiasm and brilliant behaviour. Be Proud

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 11th January 2018

    Published 14/01/19

    A great start to an exciting Spring Term

    Happy New Year and welcome back to another exciting term at Sarah Bonnell. Students and staff are looking forward to a number of key events this term including:

    Parent Workshop on Wednesday 16 January exploring ways to nurture emotional health and well-being, Creative Careers Event on Wednesday 30 January 2019, Year 11 Parents Evening on Wednesday 6 February and our next Extended Learning Day on Tuesday 12 February.

    Year 11 continue to work hard during their Practice GCSE Exams

    Year 11 Practice Exams continued with written examinations taking place in the school Sports Hall throughout the week. Staff have told me how proud they are of the Year 11 students who have showed a great attitude and resilience throughout this exam period. #GotThis

    Brilliant Club visited University of London

    24 Sarah Bonnell students visited Kings College London for an introduction to the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme. The students heard from current Kings students about what University life is like, and The Brilliant Club gave an overview of what the programme would be, and how it would help them aspire to University in the future. The students had a tour of some of the amazing facilities at Kings College, seeing some of the buildings, learning spaces and student union. It was a really inspiring and academic day.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 14th December 2018

    Published 14/12/18

    Sarah Bonnell students shine in the school show ‘A Christmas Carol’

    On Thursday 6 December and Friday 7 December, after weeks of rehearsals and preparation the school show was performed last week to delighted audiences of friends, family and staff.  The Drama and Music staff are to be congratulated on another stunning school show but special thanks must go to Ms Griffiths, Curriculum Leader for Drama, Mr Bentley, Lead Practitioner and Mr Slater, Curriculum Leader for Music, Mathu Yoganathan in Year 11. The girls’ performances were excellent – Scrooge, Bob Cratchit and Mrs Cratchit all acted and sung with confidence, humour and passion. Well done to our brilliant Sarah Bonnell performers and staff. Be Proud

    December is ‘Be Nice’ month

    This year we have matched on one of our five school values to every month on the school calendar. December is linked to ‘Be Nice ‘and students were invited to make a pledge showing their support for one of our ‘Be Nice’ campaigns. Be Nice

    Bow Arts Celebration another success

    On Wednesday 5 December we welcomed students from primary schools in The Sarah Bonnell Bow Arts Consortium. The children came to take part in creative arts workshops and show-case the work they had produced alongside the Bow Arts professional artists. It was a fabulous exhibition – guests, friends and family commented on the imaginative work the children at Sarah Bonnell and the primary schools had created.

    KS3 Prefect Ambassador Programme

    On Friday Year 10 students who had applied to be KS3 Ambassadors were involved in Prefect Interviews with professional volunteers from our Business Action Group. It was great to see so many KS3 girls keen to take up roles of responsibility in the school. Good luck. Aim High

    Preparing for a Positive Future

    On Thursday 6th December 2018 we had our second Extended Learning Day of the school year giving all students an opportunity to focus on one aspect of learning for the whole day. The theme of this ELD was ‘Futures’ and students in Years 7-11 were involved in a range of different activities to prepare for a positive future. Year 9 students were involved in a rotation of seminars led by Positively Mad to help them prepare for a bright future and encourage resilience, confidence, motivation and leadership. Year 10 were involved in a variety of activities led by Headstart, Diversity Role Models, Fix Up Speakers and Big Talk Education which involved developing positive relationships and futures. A huge thanks to Mr Archer for, once again, coordinating a very successful and rewarding day. Work Hard

    Christmas Jumper Day raises £1897.89 for our school charity UWS

    Staff and students got dressed up in jumpers that jingled, sparkled and glowed to raise money for our school charity United World Schools. Be Nice

    Year 11 Practice GCSE exams begin

    Next week the Year 11 Practice Exams continue with written examinations taking place in the school Sports Hall throughout the week. Good luck to all our Year 11 students who have been working hard to prepare for this opportunity to prepare and practice for the real GCSE exams ahead. # Got This

    End of Term

    Friday 21 December marks the end of a busy and successful term – students will be dismissed at 1.10pm. The Spring Term starts on Monday 7 January for all students at the usual time. I wish everyone a safe holiday and a very happy new year.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 

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  • End of term arrangements

    Published 12/12/18
    Dear Parents and Carers, It has been another busy and successful term at Sarah Bonnell with much to celebrate. This week all year groups will have achievement assemblies to celebrate these successes and recognise some individual achievements. Y
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  • Enhanced Learning Day

    Published 06/12/18

    Thursday 6 December 2018

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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 30th November 2018

    Published 03/12/18

    Sarah Bonnell students at The AllBright Club

    On Thursday 29th November three of our Year 11 students, Melanie, Sephora and Sorrell, represented Sarah Bonnell at the Fitzrovia AllBright Club. The students were invited by Seyi Akiwowo, Executive Director of Glitch and former Sarah Bonnell Student, who was chair of the event.  Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinene, authors of ‘Slay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible’ were keynote speakers at the event. The event focused on the issues pertinent to black girls and young women in society today with the authors of the book speaking about their motivation for writing the book and their own experiences growing up in London. The students were also interviewed about the issues black girls face online and the possible solutions to these issues. It was an inspiring evening and the students were eloquent, thoughtful ambassadors for Sarah Bonnell and for their generation. Huge thanks to Seyi for providing this opportunity – a great example of how Sarah Bonnell alumni can support our current students by giving them confident, successful, ambitious and powerful role models. Aim High

    December is ‘Be Nice’ month    

    This year we have matched on one of our five school values to every month on the school calendar. December is linked to ‘Be Nice ‘and the Year 8 team are leading the way with a ‘Happy Tree’ with different rewards available for students each day. Be Nice

    Year 11 find out about Sixth Form and prepare for GCSEs

    On Wednesday Sarah Bonnell welcomed over 20 different Sixth Form colleges to the Piazza for our annual Sixth Form Fair. It was great seeing so many of our former Year 11 students and hearing about their Key Stage 5 courses at places like Brampton, London Academy of Excellence, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form and more.

    Mr Archer, Ms Whitfield and Mr Hudson also gave advice about how to revise effectively and prepare for the GCSE exams. Year 11 Practice Exams take place in December and January.

    Tickets are selling fast for our brilliant school show ‘A Christmas Carol’

    If you haven’t got your tickets yet, there is still time! The shows are on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December at 7pm in the Assembly hall. Tickets are £2 for students and £4 for adults and can be purchased from student services.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher 


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  • Headteacher's Weekly Message: 23rd November 2018

    Published 26/11/18

    Sarah Bonnell students start Girls Network

    Year 10 went to Pinsent Mason on Monday 19 November to meet the professionals who have volunteered to mentor and coach students from Sarah Bonnell as part of The Girls Network. After a successful matching event on the 5 November 2018 the students began their mentoring sessions to support their Year 11 preparation for exam and post 16 options. This coaching and mentoring helps develop leadership qualities and make them resilient young women.  Be Proud Year 10 Parents Evening Sarah Bonnell has a great tradition of working together with parents and carers to ensure students get the support they need to achieve their full potential. So it was a real pleasure to see so many families at our Year 10 Parents Evening on Wednesday. There were plenty of meaningful conversations between teachers and parents /carers about learning and Mr Begley, Assistant Headteacher, Ms Costas, Year Leader and Mr Keenan, Progress Leader were really proud to share how well the year group have settled in to their GCSE courses.

    Our next parent event is for Year 11 on Wednesday 28th November 2018 – there will be information about Sixth Form and Post 16 options as well as information about GCSE exam preparation. Don’t forget you can get in touch with your daughter’s Year Leader or Progress Leader at any time during the year. Work Hard Sarah Bonnell’s Sustainability Presentation On Thursday 22nd November Year 8 students presented their sustainability presentations suggesting ways the school can become more environmentally friendly. The students involved spent 6 weeks working with The London Stadium Learning centre based in the Olympic Park learning about sustainability. The project included a visit to The Siemans Crystal where they found inspiration for their own ideas for the Sarah Bonnell community. The suggestions included innovative ways to recycle and reduce single use plastic. Be Nice

    Newham Community Schools Trust – working together on Challenge and Well-being

    On 23 November staff from our three schools – Rokeby, Lister and Sarah Bonnell worked together on curriculum planning with a focus on Well-being and Challenge. Our guest speaker was Dave Keeling from Laughology. Dave made us laugh and shared the importance of feelings. Staff were re-energised and galvanized to continue creating environments where students can feel confident, happy and inspired to learn. Aim High and No Excuses Sarah Bonnell wish those celebrating Guru Nanak’s Birthday an enjoyable time with family and the wider Sikh community.

    Rae Potter – Headteacher

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