CPD Staff Profiles

Nick Bentley

PGCE student → Drama NQT → Lead Practitioner Teaching, Learning & Assesment 

Sarah Bonnell School has supported my professional development and growth from my PGCE through until my current year of teaching. The programme for PGCE student teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers was excellent and resulted in developing my understanding in a whole range of teaching areas including high quality planning, differentiation for learners with SEND and EAL, and collaborative activities. I have really valued the way in which the school places a huge emphasis on the importance of teachers’ development through regular Teaching and Learning briefings, coaching sessions and mini-bites where staff share best practice, in addition to really interesting training from external providers. This has encouraged me to continually reflect on and improve my own practice, enabling me to take on new responsibilities in the Access and Inclusion Curriculum Area. By supporting my Masters in Teaching at the UCL Institute of Education, a university we have strong links with, the school has allowed me to meaningfully develop my teaching and my students’ learning, and grow in confidence professionally.

Mark Rudland

Curriculum Leader for Expressive → Future Leaders → Assistant Headteacher

The CPD at Sarah Bonnell has without doubt been the best professional development I have ever received in a school. The bespoke and coaching nature of the programme allows you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve your practice. I have been supported through middle leadership into senior leadership and I still very much value the training sessions and developing further as an effective classroom practitioner.

Karen Boughton

Teach First → Maths NQT→ Curriculum Leader for Maths → MSc & Teaching Leaders

The teaching and learning team at Sarah Bonnell have supported me through my development at the school, from beginning the Teach First programme to my current role. The high quality CPD offered on a weekly basis covers such a wide range of areas including developing pedagogical knowledge to behaviour management, and this has allowed me to grow in confidence as I continue to develop term by term.  The school regards staff CPD as highly important and this is evident through the regular opportunities provided to both reflect on your own practice, and collaborate with others from within your subject area but also across other subjects and experience levels. Furthermore, Sarah Bonnell continues to support me in completing my Masters degree in Educational Leadership and with my involvement on the Teaching Leaders Fellow programme which allow me to further my impact on students as well as developing myself as a high quality teacher and leader.

Sam Walsh

Teach First → English NQT → Progress Leader Year 7

Quality first teaching is the bedrock for any practitioner in order to establish positive relationships with students and other stake-holders. Through regular CPD-opportunities here at SB, I’ve been able to remain confident and energetic in my approach to pedagogy, allowing me to expand my influence in to a position of middle leadership, as Progress Leader for Year 8. Relationships are crucial to success in teaching and these relationships are formed in the classroom. It is only once these positive experiences occur, that I feel there is the possibility to progress. Regular CPD opportunities have enabled me to remain focussed on our students, their learning and their progress thereby permitting me scope to develop professionally, with this as a core tenant of any driving vision going forward.

Rebecca Griffiths

PGCE student → Drama NQT → Drama Curriculum Leader

The rich CPD programme at Sarah Bonnell consistently inspires me to better my teaching practice. Twilight CPD and Teaching and Learning briefings enable staff to continue to build their skill-set but also motivate and energise the team so that we are always challenged. The strong presence of Action Research at Sarah Bonnell is an excellent tool for staff to develop as reflective practitioners, always striving to engage with the latest teaching and learning research which, in-turn, ignites a love for learning in ours students.

Farida Yasmin

NQT → Curriculum Leader RE

Sarah Bonnell School has continuously supported me and has always encouraged me to challenge myself as a reflective teaching and learning practitioner. The CPD programme and T&L TeachMeets enables staff to further develop themselves, not only as a classroom teacher, but to pursue their own professional development too. There are many opportunities provided for all to collaborate with other members of staff, from other departments and from different fields of expertise. This has helped me grow and has had an effective impact on my own teaching and learning practice. All colleagues are very supportive; constantly motivating and encouraging each other to be the best that you can be. The positive relationships built between students and teachers is a real testimony to the values and ethos of Sarah Bonnell, where both students and staff work together to achieve their absolute best.

Hafsa Farhana

Teacher of Maths → Lead Practitioner

The Action Research at Sarah Bonnell has allowed me to develop my teaching and become a more effective practitioner. It has allowed me to collaborate with people both within and outside of my subject area to explore different approaches to teaching and learning. The CPDs are regular and has given me the opportunity to meet teachers of various backgrounds and expertise. Weekly Teaching and Learning briefings ensured that as a teacher I was constantly updated with successful strategies, fresh ideas and was equipped with a bank of resources to work with. Sarah Bonnell has a strong culture of sharing good practice within the school and with this I am constantly learning. This has encouraged me to share my ideas and sessions. The Twilight CPDs helped me review my practice and develop my skills. It gave me confidence and empowered me to take on responsibility within the school.

Georgia Biltcliffe

Languages NQT → Curriculum Lead PSHCE

At Sarah Bonnell School I have always felt encouraged and listened to in terms of potential opportunities available to me as both a classroom practitioner and beyond. The CPD I have received at Sarah Bonnell has ensured I constantly reflect on my practice as a teacher, whilst also pursuing my own professional development. The confidence I have gained within the classroom as a result of the regular, focussed CPD sessions as well as the unwavering support and ideas shared by my colleagues has enabled me to move into a middle leadership role. I am continually inspired and motivated to improve my skill-set, enabling me to develop as a reflective practitioner with the students’ best interests always at heart.

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